What Construction Problems Should We Pay Attention to in Bad Weather

What Construction Problems Should We Pay Attention to in Bad Weather

Rainy days bring us a lot of trouble in construction. What should we pay attention to in order to minimize the impact? First of all, there are many kinds of waterproofing materials which are very important for roofing. Glass fibre reinforced asphalt shingle is the main choice of building materials for sloping roofing.

It is a high-strength glass fiber felt as matrix, after dipping high-quality petroleum, the surface is sprayed with colored stone mineral particles; the back is made of roof tile with isolation material. The asphalt shingle is directly laid on the roof base without water strip and hanging tile strip. The installation is fixed by bonding and nailing. The large area of asphalt shingle has high efficiency, good coincidence between tile and base, and the quality is guaranteed. However, on the roof eaves, gutters and roof joints, tiles and tiles need to be overlapped and laminated, and the process is complex, which easily affects the success or failure of the whole waterproofing project. Therefore, we should attach great importance to these details of the construction practice and construction technology.

1. Waterproofing works should not be arranged in the rainy season. They should avoid the rainy season as far as possible. When it rains, construction should be stopped. Isolation materials should be used to cover the already constructed parts. Where damaged is found after raining, construction should be returned.

2. During construction in rainy season, attention should be paid to the local weather forecast in the near future, and preparations for prevention should be made.

3. Provide adequate drainage equipment, avoid water accumulation and prepare waterproof materials.

4. Prepare lighting equipment for night construction.

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